meet the team

Juli Oliner
Owner, Certified Dog Trainer and Canine Behaviorist

Having worked with animals for over 16 years, Juli loves to nurture the bond between an owner and their dog. She truly believes that every dog is inherently good and can be a well-behaved companion with proper training, structure, and guidance.

Juli graduated from Murray State University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Business.  She continued her education with Penn Foster Career School in 2018, where she earned her Dog Training Certification.

Juli has extensive hands-on experience with dogs of all ages, breeds, and temperaments. Juli understands that dog training is not a “one size fits all.”  After meeting and assessing your dog’s unique personality and needs, Juli will create an individualized obedience course to ensure your dog is receiving the appropriate training.

Brittany Mitchell
Dog Trainer and Canine Nutritionist

Brittany began professionally training dogs in 2007 and currently competes in several events including obedience, rally, agility, and coursing.  She is a big proponent on finding the right dog to fit your lifestyle and volunteers for several local rescue organizations.  Brittany believes that training is for the entire family and all family members need to work together and be on the same page to ensure training is successful.  Like Juli, Brittany understands that there is no “one size fits all” approach to training and it is important to adjust training methods and techniques for each individual dog and situation.  She believes that a well-behaved dog is a happy dog, and she brings a holistic approach to her training by developing exercise and nutrition plans to go along with weekly homework.

Brittany graduated from the University of Louisville with a BA in English and a minor in Equine Business and is currently working towards earning her Canine Nutrition Certificate through the Companion Animals Science Institute.  Brittany lives in Louisville with her husband, two young boys, three border collies, a bull terrier, a cat, and a leopard gecko.

Kaity Mullen
Dog Trainer

Kaitlyn grew up in a dog-loving family rescuing and rehabilitating bait dogs from New York. She continues to follow her passion by helping canines be the best they can be whether it is a new puppy learning “the basics” or an adult dog who needs assistance with separation anxiety, reactivity, or any other behavioral concern. 

Having worked at a rescue, Kaitlyn understands how some dogs simply need appropriate guidance and a second chance. After several years of working with rescue dogs that had behavioral issues, she decided to pursue a career in dog training. Kaitlyn continues her passion by helping dogs and their families modify behavior, gain confidence, and better understand one another. Using her extensive experience with dogs of all sizes, breeds, and personalities, Kaitlyn will develop a personalized plan for your dog, so they receive an appropriate and targeted training curriculum. 

Nick Gabis

Nick is Heel Stay Play’s go-to dog boarder. A current student at the University of Louisville, he enjoys spending quality time with clients’ dogs. Using his own training experience with his dog, Moose, Nick loves taking dogs on walks, playing with them, and treating them like royalty!

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Our Mission Statement

Many families struggle to have a peaceful balanced life with their dog. By teaching obedience techniques to dogs and their owners, I help families live a more happy and structured life together.  

Through this, I offer in-home training around your schedule, giving you and your dog individualized service.